We educate, advise and support seniors in several areas: 

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Medicare 101 - Click here to register or call 360-928-8489

 This class is Free and will help you to better understand Medicare, Supplement Plans, Drug Plans, and what all those Medicare commercials are all about. If you, or somebody that you know is turning 65 soon, this is a must attend class.


Financially Preparing for the Cost of Long-Term Care

Education on Long-Term Care, how to prepare financially, and what options are available.

  • What is Long-Term Care?
  • Will I need Long-Term Care?
  • Where can I get Long-Term Care?
  • I thought Medicare paid for Long-Term Care.
  • Will the VA help me?

Zoom Class - Click on link in calendar below or call 360-928-8489

In-Person Class (See calendar below) - Click here to register or call 360-928-8489


Financial Notebook Class -$45 (includes supplies)

If a catastrophic event happens, like the California wildfires, or "The Big One" earthquake that we are expected to have, or someone gets ill and needs extended care, much of the scrambling can be eliminated. A financial notebook holds all of your essential documents in one organized place.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of tending to the financial affairs of someone who has passed away is gathering the litany of documents that need to be assembled. For many families, this is a nightmare chore due to haphazard record-keeping, poor planning and a lack of knowledge about where critical documents are located. 

The best time to create this is NOW, before an emergency. 

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